Themes for Plone 5

Plone 5 was developed with usability and accessibility in mind. It introduces:

  1. simpler and faster Dexterity as the new default content type framework;
  2. a new redesigned user interface;
  3. improved TTW Diazo theme editing;
  4. enhanced content and user management;
  5. security and performance improvement.

You may find out about the availability of our Plone 5 themes by clicking on any of the following screenshots and ordering the most suitable solution for your website.


Vivid theme for Plone 5. It contains full-screen background images that can be customized for creating visually appealing and engaging website.

Green Bean

Green Bean is a clear-cut and compelling responsive Plone theme that will enliven your website. Provide visitors with user-friendly navigation and eye-catching illustrations. Let your website grow with your business. With this theme you will receive compelling design that can be customized to suit your particular needs.

$260.00 $99.00

The theme gives you the ability to change its default colors, upload your own custom top image or create a carousel instead. Responsive web design, faster page load  and new ultra-readable typography ensure you get only positive feedback from your mobile and tablet visitors.

$340.00 $210.00

A mobile-friendly Free blog theme, packed with lots of great features and customization options: breadcrumbs, custom header images, two different skins "Rain" and "Sun", each provides a different design solution, social media, hover effect on the menu items and more for you to discover.


A clean and flexible  magazine and newspaper Plone theme designed for active websites. It's simple, but with that simplicity comes a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing. Features include: new thumbnail view, ultra-readable typography (fonts),  stylish drop-down menu, featured carousel.