Premium Plone Themes Customization

Quintagroup offers Themes Customization service together with all our Plone Themes.

 In today's competitive world standing out from a crowd of businesses equals success. Fact is, you could be doing many things right.  Your content is  great, and you have products and services that people should want. But still no closer to  your goals. You need a hook:

  • Become different
  • Become exclusive
  • … in a positive and beneficial way.

And  we at Quintagroup offer you our Plone Theme Customization service to give your website a little bit of personality.  Such simple tweaks like changing the background colour, top images, column width, or adding a border can drastically change the overall look and feel of your site.

While purchasing a theme, you may order Plone Theme Customization service together with any of our Premium Themes.  You will see an option  Order Skin/Theme Customization  where you'll  select what customization you would like to order: basic, advanced or none.  Then we will contact you about details. You'll be asked to  give  appropriate permissions to your website.  But, if you feel strong enough to customize your theme by yourself, please read  our tutorials on

Basic & Advanced Customization

We offer you basic and advanced theme customization services.:

  • Basic Customization  includes minor changes, this might be replacement of portal logo or slogan, or theme colour scheme change -  you will need to clarify it with our  manager. (1 hour of  reserved service)
  • Advanced Customization  includes everything that is offered with Basic Customization plus possibility to change theme top image, implement custom colours, change column width or footer,  etc. (3 hours of reserved service)

PLEASE NOTE: customizations to the purchased theme can be implemented within 1 month after the purchase date.

Don't miss your chance to get professional-looking Plone theme!