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Publisher’s Plone theme

Design that speaks for you

This eloquent and smooth Diazo theme will definitely leave an impression. Its clean and elegant design suits any type of website, be it well-established business, start-up or government institution. Delicate background color provides endless possibilities for making your website as daring or as formal as you wish.

Publisher’s theme comes with responsive page layout, easy-to-customize settings, subtle drop-down menu or mega menu, customizable colour scheme, fancy carousel and slider. This Plone theme is responsive out-of-the-box so your users, regardless of their chosen devices, will always experience a quality browsing.

Theme’s design has one main color that like thread goes throughout all website and keeps it together. This main color can be freely changed to suit company colors. Custom carousel and slider views can be used to display information about your company, recent news and events, highlight products and services you offer.

Publisher's theme features “Newspaper look” - a unique look for pages, where text is structured into three columns and illustrations are displayed in the unique slider. Create rich pages and accentuate content using capabilities of this Plone theme.

Check Publisher’s Plone theme screenshots album on Facebook.

See Publisher's in action on our Plone-demo website.


You will need to use specific theme versions for different Plone releases:

  • quintagroup.theme.publishers < 1.4 - Plone 4
  • quintagroup.theme.publishers >= 1.4.1 - Plone 5

If you want to use this theme with  Plone 4, please pin theme’s version to 1.4:

quintagroup.theme.publishers = 1.4

Theme Highlights

Responsive Web Design
A sophisticated Publisher’s Plone theme is designed to adjust layout according to the size and type of device it is viewed on. It will be displayed beautifully on all mobile phones and tablets. Publisher’s theme uses CSS3 media queries to switch between different layout configurations at smaller screen sizes of the mobile devices. This way the design seamlessly reshapes itself without any loading delay. With improved navigation and content positioning your users will quickly and easily find your products and services, contact information and much more. You are no longer bound by limitations of the browsers, mobile devices or desktops.
Customizable main color
Publisher’s Plone theme has one main color that repeats on each page for headers, links, hovering, and other design elements. With one simple action it can be changed to accommodate client’s needs. Change it to complement your brand, suit your taste or send a message.
Custom slider for collection portlet
Whether it is a collection of news, events, images, offers or products, you can use our neat slider to display them in portlet on any section of your website. Responsive design and diversity of placement makes this solution perfect for viewing any sort of information.
Flexible Layout Configuration
You can have your content on the left with a portlet on the right, flip that around, have portlets on both sides or even remove them altogether. For Plone 4 you can also group portlets into panels and place them in portal top or footer, above or below content.
Social Media buttons
Become even more user-friendly. We provide a set of custom social media actions that will help your visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin, and easily share your site information on the other major social networks. Everything can be customized: buttons placement on the page, name of the portlet, number of buttons for those social media platforms you are present on, and links for specific actions.
“Newspaper look” with columns and illustrations
Add slider with images and your content will be structured into three columns to reproduce "newspaper" feel.
Mega drop down (only for Plone 4) or Drop down menu
Navigation tabs can be extended so that it is easier to find information and navigate your website. The first option is drop down menu. Each new item will be dynamically added and displayed in the multilevel portal dropdown menu. No need for manual update. Simply add new content and our product will do everything for you. On the other hand, you can customize your navigation even further. If you want to highlight the most important information or simply draw attention to specific content, add Mega Drop-Down Menu and choose what content you want to show visitors.
Customizable logo to brand your business
The top header area is reserved for the owner’s logotype. You can easily upload your own Custom Logo so that it definitely will catch visitor’s attention.
Editable footer

Theme Features

  • Diazo theming
    This theme is built following the Diazo practice to create sophisticated themes for web applications of different complexity.
  • Cross-Browser compatible
    Fully tested and works great with all modern web browsers: IE7, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Top navigation menu
  • Faster loading pages
  • Device-friendly
    iPad, iPhone and Google Android devices
  • Highly customizable
  • Applicable for multiple business fields
  • W3C Validated

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Theme Extensions
collective.portlet.ngcollection and quintagroup.slidertemplates help to create elegant and user-friendly slideshows to catch attention of your website's visitors. Carousel
Drop-down menu
quintagroup.dropdownmenu (for Plone 4) and webcouturier.dropdownmenu (for Plone 5.0.x, except 5.0.2) are great tools to create vertical drop-down menus. They simplify page content and provide a consistent navigation structure that makes it easy to find content from anywhere on the website.Drop-down menu
Give your visitors more. quintagroup.megamenu and collective.panels provide mega drop-down menu that will contain any information you need. (Available only for Plone 4)Megamenu
Collection slider
collective.portlet.ngcollection and quintagroup.slidertemplates products provide custom responsive views for NG collection portlets. Give a unique feel to the content on your website.
Collection slider
Panels Widget
collective.panels package allows to group portlets and place them above and below page contents, in portal top and footer. (Available only for Plone 4) Panels Widget
Multilingual support
With Products.LinguaPlone (for Plone =< 4.1, Archetypes) or (Plone > 4.1, Dexterity) all theme options, content and even user interface can be translated into any language you want. So you if you are developing a site for your clients in language other than English, you won’t have any trouble.LinguaPlone
Form Widget
The theme is compatible with a simple, yet very powerful form widget Products.PloneFormGen, which you can use to build business relationships with your clients. (Available only for Plone 4)Form Widget
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Read our tutorials to learn how to  upload your own logo, change the header, page layout in just a few clicks. 


Step-by-step installation is described in INSTALL.txt  file in /docs folder. For general instructions read How to install diazo Plone Themes in Plone., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Quintagroup.